The Indo-French Chamber of Commerce & Industry (IFCCI) launched its 16 sectoral and functional committees in February 2018, exclusive to its members only. The Committees provide a platform to its members giving access to sector-specific information, networking opportunities and exchange of business ideas. The Committees hold regular formal and informal meetings for knowledge sharing, best practices as well as addressing issues and challenges.

IFCCI recently launched the IFCCI CEOs Committee in March 2022, which brings together CEOs and leaders of Indian and French member companies of IFCCI.

In June 2022, IFCCI has reconstituted its Committees with 12 sectoral and functional committees and 4 clubs / working groups. 

Each committee is represented by a leadership – Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson who are appointed for a one-year mandate to drive the agenda of their sector or functional committee. Over the last year, the Chamber has successfully engaged with over 800 participants and organised nearly 50 activities across India which included knowledge sharing, best practices as well as discussions around opportunities and challenges. The format of these meetings is quite diverse ranging from meetings with Indian government authorities, round-table discussions, webinars, panel discussions, knowledge-sharing sessions, site visits, presentations from industry experts, networking evenings, etc. These committees have proved to be of great value addition to our members. 

It is compulsory to be a Member of the Chamber to be part of our committees. Being a Member of the Chamber, gives right to access only one committee while Annual sponsors gain access to upto 5 committees.


CEO Committee

The Committee comprises of leaders of Indian and French companies with the aim to share knowledge & best practices and...

CFO Committee

The committee invites high-level CFOs of various industries to exchange knowledge and experiences.

Consumer Goods & Services

A dynamic committee catering to the companies in consumer & B2C business with the aim to share, grow and gain.

CSR Committee

The committee comprises of CSR & marketing heads who share their knowledge and experience about effective CSR projects.

Defence & Aerospace

The committee aims to strengthen core businesses and foray into emerging Defence and Aerospace sector in India and France.

Energy & Utilities

The main purpose is to provide business and advocacy solutions to business heads innovating energy sector in India.

HR Committee

HR heads from the Indo-French community get together to share knowledge and best practices.


The committee promotes understanding of industry practices and updates on policies and new regulations.

Logistics & Supply Chain

This committee focuses on creating a dialogue between companies to understand supply chain management & development.


Indo-French Chamber of Commerce & Industry (IFCCI) launched its Luxury Club in November 2022. The members of this club...


The committee aims to build blocks for NexGen Mobility in India, a common platform for key companies from the mobility...


The committee allows top leaders from the retail sector to discuss innovations and digital transformations.


The purpose of the committee is to provide technological advances with respect to the overall role of technology trends.

Food and Agri

The Committee comprises of leaders of Indian and French companies with the aim to share knowledge & best practices and...

Higher Education

The group develops, promotes and maintains effective education programs for Indo-French universities and provides a common...


The group aims to bring together marketing and communication mavericks from top companies in the Indo-French business domain...

Share Your Experience

Would you like to share your sector’s experience in one of our committees? Come share your knowledge with IFCCI members on our committees.
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