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Webinar on Joint Ventures: Evolution & Challenges

IFCCI organised a webinar on “Joint Ventures: Evolution & Challenges” with JSA Partners and Robertet Group on Thursday, November 17, 2022

The webinar shed light on the topic on 'Joint venture' . It stated that JV is a business organisation where two or more individual, companies join hands to overcome the individual hurdle and gain a tactical advantage over the competitor in the market. In this session, the speakers:

  • Sandeep Mehta, Partner, JSA Advocates and Solicitors
  • Sourabh Daporkar, Executive Director, Robertet Group

highlighted the evolution and challenges a venturer undergoes when one join hands to a pre-determined task in the form of new project of an existing firm or a totally new firm.

Key Highlights of the webinar:

1)      Brief explanation of what is Joint Venture.

2)      Legal Considerations & Forms of Legal Entities

3)      Stages of Establishing Joint Venture

4)      Discussion on how to find a right partner?

5)      Due Diligence

6)      Terms for Joint Venture - Key Challenges

We had close to 50 participants for this webinar that was concluded with an interactive Q&A session. 

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