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Stressing on India-France ties, envoy says New Delhi sent medical supplies during first COVID wave

Stressing on the friendship between India and France, country’s Ambassador to India Emmanuel Lenain on Wednesday said that New Delhi exported medical supplies needed by hospitals in Paris during the first wave of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Speaking to ANI, the French Ambassador said, “We’ve seen that during the COVID-19 crisis. Everybody in France was moved and touched by the assistance by India when we experienced the early 2020 first wave of coronavirus. India has exported medical drugs which were badly needed by French hospitals, and we we were ready to reciprocate.”

“So when the second wave happened here in India, we organised companies with oxygen, with support of Indian Navy, Air Force, and also some resources to bring oxygen generators to Indian hospitals. It’s very important when you have friendship between countries like French and India. We are friends in good times and also in difficult times.” he added.

Emphasising the bond between India and France, the envoy said that Paris was at New Delhi’s side at the time of difficulty.“We’ve seen that we are good friends in difficult times and whenvever there was a difficulty, we were at each other’s side. I mean, when your (India) country did nuclear testing in 1998 then we were on your side. When you have problems with some neighbouring countries, we were also at your side, and so forth. Now COVID-19 help was a part of our friendship. It makes the friendship between the two countries stronger,” Emmanuel Lenain told ANI.

The Ambassador was speaking at an event organized by the Indo-French Chamber of Commerce.

“There is a great level of friendship between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President Emmanuel Macron. Both of them are planning when they could meet in person. So I hope to bring some good news soon,” he said. (ANI)


Source : ANINEWS


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