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Mumbai : IFCCI CSR Committee - 1st Meeting

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The Indo-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IFCCI)’s CSR Committee conducted its first committee meeting for the FY 2019-20 on Friday, 17th May 2019 at l'Oréal, Mumbai.

The first session of the IFCCI CSR Committee in the new FY19-20, started with a welcome address by Ms. Payal S. Kanwar, Director General of Indo-French Chamber of Commerce & Industry followed by a welcome address by the Committee Chairman, Ms. Shilpashree M. from Alstom Transport.

The meeting started with a brief introduction of the committee members followed by an interactive discussion led by members who laid out a broad agenda for the committee for 2019.

Presentation of CSR activities by:

• L’Oreal India
• Pernod Ricard India
• Credit Agricole
• Capgemini India

Discussion points included:

1. Objectives of the Committee:
a) Big Advocacy initiative – Creative of an event with the Indian Government to showcase what French companies are doing for CSR causes in India (annual spent, initiatives, synchronisation with the Government’s initiatives: Skill India, Digital India etc.)
b) Knowledge Sharing Sessions
c) Learning expeditions / Site-visits
d) Positioning the Committee to represent CSR initiatives of French companies in India 

2. Tentative committee events laid out for the year:

  • July/August  - Knowledge Session in Delhi followed by networking
  • September/Oct  - IFCCI CSR Conclave followed by an award for best CSR
  • Oct/November - Advocacy: Meeting with a Central Minister to present a whitepaper on France’s CSR in India
  • December 2019 - Joint events with other Committees
  • Feb 2020 - Creation of IFCCI CSR Foundation : to be discussed with a professional CSR consulting firm

3. All committee members to share 3-4 key topics that can be taken up by the committee for the paper/other activities

4. IFCCI to circulate a survey among the committee members in order to get their feedback on the agenda and key issues to be taken up by the committee

Participants Present:

1. Chairman: Ms. Shilpashree M [Alstom Transport] - on call
2. Vice Chairman: Ms. Nivedita Vermani [Pernod Ricard India]
3. Mr. Prasanna Mohile [Pernod Ricard India]
4. Mr. Anurag Pratap [Capgemini Technologies]
5. Ms. Kanchan Dahiya [Total India]
6. Ms. Snehhal Chitnenni [L’Oreal India]
7. Ms. Firuze Shroff [Credit Agricole]
8. Mr. Somdut Lahiri [Capgemini India]
9. Ms. Nieveetha Mohanaraj [TNP Consultants]
10.Ms. Payal S. Kanwar [Indo-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry]
11.Ms. Rishika Roy [Indo-French Chamber of Commerce & Industry]

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