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This Coffee Blend Grown By Tribal Farmers From Andhra Just Won A Gold Medal In Paris

The allure of coffee is one that is shared by many. The beverage is perfect for a pick-me-up, and is is a morning must for a large number of people. And while coffee is generally associated with countries such as Brazil, Ethiopia and Vietnam, India is not far behind when it comes to love for the bitter bean.

India produces several varieties of coffee - roasted, toasted, filter coffee, grated, powdered, instant and more. And though all these blends are nuanced and have their own flavour and richness, there exist almost a few hundred other strains of coffee in the world.

However, beating all these blends, an Indian coffee brand called 'Araku', produced by tribal youth, has won a gold medal at the Prix Epicures OR 2018 Award in Paris, France. This is the first time an Indian coffee blend has won the prestigious award.

'Araku' was founded to provide employment opportunities to tribal youth in the Araku Valley in Andhra Pradesh. The coffee is almost exclusively produced by tribal farmers.

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