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Raisina Dialogues: Alliances And Partnerships Are Critical To The Security Of The Indo-Pacific, Says US

Davidson, participated in the “Indo-Pacific: Ancient Waterways and Emerging Geometries” panel alongside his Naval counterparts from India, Australia, Japan, and France.

As the Chinese threat in the region increases, the value of the quadrilateral ties increases.

The concept of the Indo-Pacific captures shifts in economic and military reality and it helps the US Navy better understand its area of responsibility, says Admiral Phil Davidson, commander of US Indo-Pacific Command.

Davidson, participated in the “Indo-Pacific: Ancient Waterways and Emerging Geometries” panel alongside his Naval counterparts from India, Australia, Japan, and France.

He said that alliances and partnerships are critical to the security of the Indo-Pacific. “The US Navy feels well supported by its partners in the region. We have operated with many partners, including France, the UK and Australia.”

According to him “The capability set that I think must be displayed and put in the battle space is the set of alliances and partnerships that we’re all capable of.”

It may be recalled that Admiral Harris, former PACOM Commander had advocated to US Congress that India needs latest US platforms including fighters and helicopters.

On Thursday, international figures including Admiral Davidson, Dr Vivek Lall, Vice President at Lockheed Martin, General Campbell, Chief of Defence Force, Australia, Admiral Kawano, Chief of Joint Staff, Japan Self Defense Force, Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of UK are expected to be among the speakers.

In a hearing held by the US House Armed Services Committee, Admiral Harris had told members of Congress, “At the moment, India is considering a number of US systems for purchase, all of which USPACOM fully supports: the F-16 for India’s large single-engine, multi-role fighter acquisition program; the F/A-18E for India’s multi-engine, carrier-based fighter purchase; a reorder of 12-15 P-8Is; a potential purchase of Sea Guardian UAS; MH-60R multi-role sea-based helicopter; and F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.”

The Trump administration has renamed its strategically important Pacific Command (PACOM) the US Indo-Pacific Command, which has been widely seen as Washington’s recognition of India as a key partner in its strategic planning.

The former US Secretary of Defence James Mattis had said that “The US Indo-Pacific Command is critical for “a region open to investment and free, fair and reciprocal trade, not bound by any nation’s predatory economics or threat of coercion, for the Indo-Pacific has many belts and many roads.”

Source: Financial Express

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