Parlez-Vous Français?

French is the second most studied language in the world and the fifth most spoken one. In Goa, there are many who opt to learn French at the secondary school level and higher. Today as United Nations celebrates French Language Day, NT BUZZ speaks to a few French teachers about the language and its growing popularity in Goa.

There’s something about the French language that people love. While for some it’s pronunciations, and rolling of the tongue that sounds extremely elitist and pleasant to the ear, for others it sounds like a sweet song where actions and gestures are used to make conversations enjoyable.

The French fascination

Languages are very fascinating, and each has its own charm and history. It is one of the five most widely-spoken Romance languages, descended from Latin. And romance here has nothing to do with love, but means ‘to speak in Roman fashion’.

The sound, the softness of each syllable, the fluidity, even the mannerisms of speakers are what makes French stand out. Retired associate professor, Department of French and Francophone Studies, Goa University, Edith Melo Furtado recalls her love for the language right from her early years in school. “I was in the first year of the Portuguese lyceum when Goa was liberated. We had a native French teacher. It was her personality and the melodious language that flowed out of her which evoked my interest in French,” she says. This influence consisting of a synthesis of different aspects that turned out to be a motivational factor.

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