Mumbai: IFCCI Logistics And Maritime Round Table


  1. Dr. Malini Shankar, DG Shipping.
  2. Mr. Yann Wickers, Bollore Logistics Pvt Ltd.
  3. Mr. Krrishan Singhania, Singhania & Co.
  4. Mr. Ugo Vincent, CMA CGM.
  5. Mr. Aniruddha Lele, CMA CGM.
  6. Mr. Jean-Marc Mignon, Consulate general of France in India.
  7. Mr. Vaibhav Vora, Continental Carriers
  8. Mr. Arunabh Tripathi, Louis Dreyfus Armateurs.
  9. Mr. Gurpreet Malhi, Alba
  10. Mr. Monojit Mukherjee, Pernod Ricard India (P) Limited.
  11. Mr. Sourabh Kapoor, Pernod Ricard India (P) Limited.
  12. Mr. Nicolas Simon, SBI Funds management Pvt. Ltd.
  13. Mr. Ram Iyer, Seahorse Ship Agencies Pvt. Ltd.
  14. Ms. Sanjam Gupta, Sitara Shipping Ltd.
  15. Mr. Suresh Kumar, DG Shipping.
  16. Capt. Jayakumar, DG Shipping.
  17. Mr. Vatsalya Sharma, DG Shipping.
  18. Dr. Rant P.K, DG Shipping.
  19. Mr. Rakesh Singh,  ICCSA
  20. Mr. Ash Mohd., DG Shipping
  21. Mr. Sandeep Awasthi, DG Shipping.
  22. Capt. Amit Kapoor, JNTP.
  23. Dr. C. Unnikrishnan, JNTP.
  24. Mr. Kunal Kashyap, UNCH.
  25. Mr. C.P Singh, DGLL.
  26. Mr. Sharat, CONCOR.
  27. Mr. Bruno Bronquard, IFCCI.
  28. Ms. Tessy Simon, IFCCI.
  29. Ms. Tracy Fernandes, IFCCI.
  30. Mr. V. Kiran Kumar, CONCOR.
  31. Ms. Sarjana Pandey, Singhania & Co.


  1. Impact on Cabotage Relaxation.
  2. Maritime cluster in Goa.
  3. Measures to be taken by French companies to register vessels in India.
  4. Measures to be taken by French Companies to engage in Coasting trade in India.


  1. Inter-Terminal Transfer at JNPT
  2. Congestion at JNPT
  3. Dwell time for ICD containers at JNPT
  4. Light House Dues through online Payment and Delay in refund of Light house Dues.
  5. VTMS charges by GMB.
  6. Arbitrary charged levied by CONCOR


  1. The discussion started with the DG taking view points from the participating companies regarding the recent circular issued by the Shipping Ministry on Cabotage relaxation.
  2. The representative present on behalf of the government panel briefed about the process of registration of vessels for French Companies and the time taken for the same.
  3. The DG proposed the trade panel for investment in the maritime cluster in Goa for smaller ships for SME’s with small turnover. Also briefed about the MSME’s scheme started by the government under the banner of ease of doing business in India.
  4. The DG then opened the discussion for addressing the main issues faced by the shipping lines, mentioned in the report.
  5. The first issue regarding the inter-terminal transfer of containers at the JNPT was brought to the attention of the DG where the trade put forth their recurring concern over this issue, to which the authorities of the JNPT said that the issue was being dealt with and is under consideration.
  6. The issue regarding congestion at the JNPT Terminal was again one major issue being faced by the shipping lines, to which the DG said that the road traffic is not resolving because of many other general issues. The JNPT and the CONCOR authorities however said that the traffic issues are being dealt with and that they have been successful in dealing with 5000 container problems, they are positive that they can resolve 500 container problems as well.
  7. The issues regarding the Dwell Time Charges for Inland Container Depot by Rail Containers was a pertinent issue which has been one of the major concerns of the Trade that is leading to delay and exceeding cost to these shipping lines. The authorities stated that the Niti Aayog has given them to decrease the dwell time from 7 days to 3 days. The DG, taking the note of the issue directed the JNPT authorities to look at the proposals of the private railway operators and to check their proposed utilization and accordingly try and resolve the issue.
  8. The issue of lack of information visibility for shipment tracking and cargo monitoring was also raised before the panel. The authorities answering this issue that that it was already being done by providing RAFID readers and geo location of the containers.
  9. The issue of payment of Lighthouse Dues and the collection of the e-payment and refund of the Lighthouse Dues was brought to the notice of the DG. The DG, directed the office of Directorate of Lighthouse & Lightships to develop a system of accepted and rejected format before completing the payment process. She also suggested to call the companies and their representatives to sit with the authorities and come with a solution to resolve this issue because the applicant cannot be kept hanging for their refund.
  10. The issue regarding the VTMS charges levied by the Gujarat Maritime Board was also brought to the notice of the DG, who has said that they will have a talk regarding the same with the Gujarat maritime board.
  11. The issue of the arbitrary charges levied by CONCOR was also raised, to which the CONCOR authorities answered that the charges are not arbitrary and was done to reduce cost as well as provide for continuous visibility to all ICD.
  12. Extension of list for cabotage relaxation:  DG briefed that there is cabotage relaxation for fertilizer and agri products. LDA enquired if DG intends to expand the list to other bulk commodities. DG addressed that it is under consideration of Ministry of Shipping and appropriate decision, if and when taken, will be communicated.

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