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Mumbai : Banking and Finance Committee Meeting with Think Rise Mumbai

The Indo French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in association with Think Rise Mumbai organised it 1st Banking and Finance Committee Meeting on Thursday, 3rd May 2018 in Mumbai. Mr. Nicolas Simon, Chairman of the Committee briefed the panel with introduction to committees followed by an open discussion for upcoming activities. 

Minutes of the meeting :

  • The 1st Banking and Finance committee meeting was held on 3rd May 2018 at Think Rise.
  • The meeting began with Mr. Nicolas Simon, Chairman of the Committee giving an introduction on why we have formed a committee and how to engage with more members to make the committee more active
  • He also mentioned that we should share connect with IFCCI to enable them to join the committee and so that there is more knowledge sharing that will enrich each member of the committee
  • A round of introduction was done to acquaint each other and understand their business activity and what they expect for the committee
  • It was discussed that we have more events under the FinTech umbrella
  • To have inter-committee meeting to network
  • IFCCI to create a questionnaire for people to fill and understand their objective of joining the committees


Presentation by Think Rise :

  • Rise brings together the world’s best and brightest start-ups and experts to create the future of financial services.
  • Think Rise is an initiative that is backed up by Barclay’s Bank to help in the transformations currently taking place in finance, technology and business
  • Rise delivers numerous programs that facilitate rapid engagement between Barclays and the Rise community in order to solve some of the biggest challenges faced by financial organizations

Concept presentations by the Start Up Companies:

There were 3 companies that are domiciled with The Rise who presented their product to the committee members. Below are a few pointers on the company:

     1. ROCKMETRIC –

  • Rockmetric is a cognitive analysis platform which automates the intelligence layer needed to monitor businesses and support operations at scale
  • ‘Natural Language Search’ is used automate access through web, voice or email to deliver insights, reports and adhoc queries without any need to learn SQL
  • The platform automatically understands user queries, analyses data and delivers beautiful charts, descriptive insights and analysis instantly
  • It is easy to use, secure, fast, and reduces human turn-around time for analysis considerably


  • With over 2000 sign-ups, FinancePeer is India’s first AI based lending platform and self-corrective financial back-end model.
  • It provides access to fast and completely online Lending Models – Individual to Individual and Entity to Individual
  • Target segment consists of Ola/ Uber/ Auto drivers, Entrepreneurs/ Businesses and Low Income Groups
  • The product offers short term and long term loan processing with varied benefits to the borrowers as well as the lenders.


  • TotalKYC provides a robust online mechanism which intends to solve problems faced by clients during Traditional KYC Verification
  • It uses APIs and web applications to assist Marketing, IT, Operations personnel as well as Risk Professionals by providing real-time authentication of KYC documents through government databases at a fraction of existing costs
  • It uses Optical Character Recognition, providing a smoother digital journey to clients and is also integrated to Back-end Systems for central processing




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