Mr. Syed Junaid Altaf, Group Executive Director, FIL Industries Private Limited

‘India and France’s Road to 2047: Strengthening the extended Strategic Partnership’


For over seven decades now, India and France have shared a cordial diplomatic relationship. The establishment of a strategic partnership between the two countries in 1998 further strengthened their relations. With the Horizon 2047 Roadmap further guiding and nurturing their bilateral ties over the next two decades or so, the countries, who share mutual trust, commitment to the United Nations Charter principles and a common aim to seek solutions for global challenges are on their way to building a united world.

The common vision driving this collaboration and co-operation is to build more resilient, sustainable, healthy, and prosperous economies for the greater good of the planet and mankind. Among the sectors that will stand to benefit from the Horizon 2047 Roadmap are defence, technology and industrial development, energy, climate change and sustainability.

The two countries are also committed to jointly address the challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution. Being an entrepreneur who has keen interest in agriculture and environment, I am extremely optimistic of possibilities that will occur due to the friendly relations between the two great nations. Moreover, France and India can together elevate sustainable economic development, agriculture, human welfare, environmental sustainability, resilient infrastructure, innovation and connectivity in both countries.

India and France are also collaborating on R&D and innovation to effectively tackle challenges associated with climate change and agriculture. They are working towards strengthening their cooperation to tackle the triple challenges of climate change, environmental pollution and loss of biodiversity with the aim achieve carbon neutrality as soon as possible and no later than 2050 (France) and 2070 (India) respectively.

As an entrepreneur who has keen interest in agriculture and sustainable mobility, I am of the humble opinion that among the many initiatives that can help the countries achieve this goal are green mobility projects like ropeways that not only promote eco-tourism in the regions they are built in but also cut down carbon emissions considerably. Ropeways are net zero and significantly minimize traffic, air and noise pollution. Additionally, I am optimistic of the transformation in the agriculture industry thanks to the technological collaborations and knowledge exchange between the two nations.

Encouraging startups that are creating SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) focused innovations and scaling up a wide range of green, cutting-edge technologies being developed in both countries over the next two decades should pave the way forward. A shared vision of both countries on food security and innovation in agriculture is another commonality where partnerships between Indian and French companies can make a huge difference.

Having closely worked with leading global French companies, I am of the firm belief that the joint ventures and collaborations between the two countries that bring together the best that both countries have to offer in R&D, technology, infrastructure, manufacturing, agriculture, renewable energy and green initiatives could enable them to build an interconnected, responsible world by 2047 and onwards.

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