Committees Leadership

Consumer Goods & Services

Alamjit SINGH SEKHON Chairman [IFCCI] | Commercial Director, [Fromageries Bel India pvt Ltd​]
Vivek MANI Vice-Chairman, [IFCCI] | CEO, [Heritage Novandie Foods]


Arnab ROY Chairman, [IFCCI] | CFO, [Schneider Electric India]
Jitesh KAKAREA Vice-Chairman, [IFCCI] | CFO, [Moet Hennessy]


Anurag PRATAP Chairperson, [IFCCI] | Vice President & CSR Leader, [ Capgemini India​ ]
Ramakrishnan RAMANATHAN Vice-Chairman, [IFCCI] | Vice President-Quality and Head CSR, [Renault Nissan Technology​]

Defence & Aerospace

Ashish Saraf Chairman [VP and Country Director] Thales India
Pierre Dickeli Vice-Chairman CEO [Safran India]

Energy & Utilities

Ahlem FRIGA-NOY Chairperson, [IFCCI] | Country Chair India, [Total Energies ]
B SIVAKUMAR Vice Chairman, [IFCCI] | CEO, [Citelum India]
Dhananjay KUMAR Vice Chairman, [IFCCI] | Director Corporate Affairs, [ENGIE India]


Laurent LADROYES Chairman, [IFCCI] |Personnel Director​-India [Michelin India]
Nasir Usman SHAIKH Vice-Chairman, [IFCCI] | Senior Vice President Head of HR, India & Global Delivery Centres [Atos Global IT Solutions and Services]
Shalini NAIR Vice Chairperson, [IFCCI] | Head-P&C India and APAC [Amadeus Software Labs India]


Harshbeena ZAVERI Chairperson, [IFCCI] | Managing Director, [NRB Bearings Limited]
Swaminathan EISENHOWER Vice Chairman [IFCCI] | Managing Director, [Saint Gobain India]

Logistics & Supply Chain

Vaibhav VOHRA Chairman, [IFCCI] | Managing Director, [Continental Carriers (P) Ltd]
Ram IYER Vice-Chairman, [IFCCI] |Vice President, [Seahorse Ship Agencies Pvt. Ltd.]
Damien SAUVAGE Vice Chairman, [IFCCI] | Deputy Commercial Director, [CMA CGM]


Arun JAURA Chairman, [IFCCI] | Chief Technology Officer Hero Motocorp 
Manish PADHARIA Vice Chairman, [IFCCI] | Managing Director ARaymond Fasteners
Syed JUNAID ALTAF Vice-Chairman, [IFCCI] | Group Executive Director, [FIL Industries]​ ​


Satyen MOMAYA Chairman [IFCCI] |CEO,[Celio Future Fashion]
Ganesh PARAMESWARAN Vice Chairman [IFCCI] | General Counsel, [BIC Cello]


Clifton MENEZES Chairman, [IFCCI] | Executive Vice President - [Capgemini]​
Christophe MARIETTE Vice Chairman, [IFCCI] | Chairman [Lyra India]
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