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Mumbai : Healthcare Committee Meeting In Association With K&S Partners

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The Indo-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IFCCI) organized a healthcare committee meeting in association with KNS Partners on Tuesday, 6th August 2019 in Mumbai.

The speaker Ms Vasundhara Sankaran touched on the the TECHNICAL OBJECTIONS of IPR in Healthcare - Inventions that are Non-patentable and Claims that are allowable, Patent prosecution, Amendments, Divisional applications, Working statement, Translations of priority documents, Section 107A, NBA permissions, Enforcement, Appeals, Commercial courts and the NATIONAL IPR POLICY.

We then had a session on Trademarks in the healthcare sector. Mr Chintamani Kadtu explained Trademarks are known to help members of the trade and the public to identify the source or origin of goods and services. He mentioned that it is important not

only for doctors and other medical practitioners, but also for the general public, who frequently practice self-medication. It is therefore important that pharmaceutical companies not adopt trademarks that are closely similar to the generic ingredient of the drug, unless the mark is an intelligent derivation or adoption and does not directly indicate the generic ingredient.

During the seminar, the members engaged in a Q&A which was followed by a round of introductions by the participating companies. It was also requested by the our Healthcare committee Chairman, Dr Georges Jabre from Serdia Pharmaceutical to send us (IFCCI) the topics of discussion that would be of interest for the member companies, in order to plan the next committee interaction. Lastly Dr Georges Jabre thanked our speakers from K&S Partners and our members for their valuable contribution.

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