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‘Culture In India Extraordinary’

Adding one more page to the cultural exchange between India and France, Bonjour India The Next Page 2018 introduced novelist, scenarist, and musician, David Foenkinos to Indian readers. The author has written 14 novels translated into 40 languages, including La délicatesse (2009), Les souvenirs (2011), Je vais mieux (2013) and Charlotte, Prix Renaudot et Prix Goncourt des Lycéens (2014). With new collaborations, David aims to increase the numbers of translations of French contemporary fiction and non-fiction titles into Indian languages and create a long-term partnership with Indian publishers. The author shared his experiences in a conversation with Kunal Roy. Excerpts:

What are your views on the past and future of Indo-French ties?

I have a feeling that it’s growing. The President is preparing to come in March for an important trip. India is a major country, by its position and culture, in the contemporary world. It’s important that it has strong ties with France.

What differences do you see between Indian literature and French literature?

I don’t know enough about Indian literature. Travelling in India allowed me to discover an extraordinary dynamic culture.

What inspired you to become a writer?

I’m not from a literary family. I never even thought that I’ll become a writer one day. I started to take refuge in beauty after I recovered from a serious medical illness. I started with my studies in music, I loved paintings and I began to read and write passionately. Writing gradually became my mode of breathing.

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