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2-day CXO training event with Mazars India on ‘Empowering Tomorrow: Unleashing business potential with AI Innovation’

IFCCI in partnership with Mazars India organized an intense 2-day CXO training event on 'Empowering Tomorrow: Unleashing business potential with AI'.

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The Indo-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IFCCI), Mumbai in partnership with Mazars India organized an intense 2-day CXO training event on ‘Empowering Tomorrow: Unleashing business potential with AI Innovation’. Set within an intimate ambiance, the event facilitated profound interaction and concentrated learning opportunities for the CXOs.

Ms. Shweta Pahuja, Regional Director (WR), IFCCI set the tone of the event and welcomed the speakers and the participants to the engaging 2-day training program.  

Dr. Debashis Guha, Founder of Big Sky Quantitative Research LLP and an accomplished academician in the field of Artificial Intelligence, provided insights into the application of AI in business. He discussed the role of Intelligent Agents in search, knowledge base, and planning, as well as the use of supervised learning for classification and regression, and unsupervised learning for clustering and association. He explained reinforcement learning as a reward-based approach and outlined AI's process from problem recognition to data and AI modeling. Dr. Guha also touched upon deep learning, generative AI, and the use of AI foundation models in enterprises. He also highlighted examples of Big Tech companies utilizing Generative AI and discussed the computational methods involved, emphasizing the leading roles of the US and China in AI development.  

Prasar Sharma, Leader of Emerging Technology Practice at Mazars India, highlighted the significance of integrating AI and ML into business operations to unlock their potential value. He discussed various applications of AI in companies, addressing challenges related to trustworthiness and exploring opportunities in automation, predictive analytics, and optimization. Prasar, introduced the "3 I's framework" for identifying AI opportunities, focusing on insights, interactions, and improvement. He emphasized the importance of assessing business needs, including business objectives, data availability, talent, and cultural readiness, and prioritizing AI opportunities based on impact, feasibility, and long-term vision. He underscored the importance of fostering an AI culture within organizations through leadership commitment, change management structures, upskilling, transparency, ethics, and data governance. Prasar also emphasized the alignment of AI solutions with business goals, target areas, ethical considerations, and the significance of building ecosystems for partnerships, startups, and industry collaborations. Prasar highlighted the importance of metrics in decision-making, ROI demonstration, accountability, and alignment, advocating for the use of SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound) KPIs.  

During the two-day training session, guest speakers shared insights on how they've integrated AI and ML into various organizations:   

  • Mr. Tejpreet Singh Chopra, Founder & CEO of Bharat Light & Power, and Industry.AI (BLP Group), highlighted their pioneering work in AI adoption, particularly in the manufacturing sector. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, they demonstrated resilience by innovating new solutions. Their focus lies in leveraging AI to enhance workplace safety and efficiency, offering a range of AI tools for real-time decision-making. Collaborating with various stakeholders ensures their solutions to cater to diverse needs. Some of the examples of their work include Facial recognition for intruder detection, Predictive maintenance, Helmet detection in dangerous sites, etc  
  • Mr. Vijay Navaluri, the Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer of Supervity, was recognized for his innovative AI strategies, which bring value to customers across various business functions such as marketing, sales, customer service, product development, and operations. He explained the cloud-based platform designed to simplify project management and team collaboration. Offering different features including task assignment, progress tracking, document sharing, and communication tools. By leveraging AI, teams can efficiently manage projects, allocate resources effectively, and ensure timely completion of tasks. The platform's primary goal is to boost productivity and foster seamless collaboration among team members, thereby enabling the successful execution of projects.  
  • Mr. Omkar Pandharkame Director at ATLAS SkillTech University led a session titled "AI: Beyond the Buzz," focusing on challenges, trends, and techniques in AI adoption for businesses. He highlighted global leaders in AI adoption, discussed techniques like deep learning and knowledge graphs, and addressed concerns such as privacy and bias. Popular tools like Pytorch and scikit were mentioned, along with common AI applications. The trainer noted the industry's skills gap in ML modeling and business understanding, emphasizing the increasing use of cloud solutions. Despite the importance of data and model versioning, many enterprises lack suitable tools. He said that it is crucial to Identify specific areas in your business that are ready to leverage AI advancements. Group them based on how affordable and quickly they can be implemented, as well as the potential impact they can have. Then, detail the steps needed to make these improvements a reality.  

The training was a valuable and informative experience for about 12 senior profiles that attended the training. Ms. Tracy Fernandes, Senior Manager – Membership and Events concluded the session by thanking the guest speakers and Mazars India for the great compilation of the session under the leadership of Mr. Santosh Bohra, Head of Advisory, Mazars India.  

Having received an overwhelmingly positive response, the training will return with another series on AI and blockchain.  

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