Samson Khaou: ‘We Are Working On Electric Mobility With Many OEMs, Including Tesla’

Dassault Systemes India, which launched its cloud-based services for the local market a few months ago, has a special focus on micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and start-ups, thereby encouraging entrepreneurship amongst engineers across sectors. Managing Director Samson Khaou, who often travels between Dassault's Delhi and Bangalore offices, spoke to Autocar Professional on the software giant's emerging focus areas that include new EV start-ups, India as a high-growth market, roadmap for future growth among other areas.

What is the contribution of MSMEs and start-ups to Dassault India’s overall business? Is your focus on them sharper now?

At present, more than 50 percent of our turnover in India comes from the MSMEs, in general. But in MSMEs too, we have what you call innovators, OEMs or start-ups. We no longer differentiate between them, whether they are in the traditional supply chain or the innovative start-ups.

Is this a unique approach for growing business in India?

No, this is our global model.

Why did it take so long for you to launch cloud-based services in India?

We wanted to make sure that we have the cloud, the data centre that is hosting our cloud in India. We had to know where the data would be – will it be in India, do we have the right security, and the right performance to access this software and technology?

It took us about a year to ensure we bring this technology and this model to India and be ready in terms of infrastructure and support. We always wanted to ensure that we give the MSMEs their ready-to-use solution.

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