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New Delhi : First Meeting - IFCCI HR Committee

Seema Ahluwalia, Chairman:
- The purpose of the meeting is to define our vision and discuss the roadmap based suggestions from the members
- Proposed to have a joint meeting with CEO/Heads of other member companies for collaborative and progressive activities. Goal to be aligned with Management Expectations from the committee, for fruitful results
- Recommended that in addition to the E Group – HR@ifcci.org.in, we can create a WhatsApp group to stay connected. This will leverage easy – fast – interactive platform for members to exchange HR Best Practises – help/support for opportunities / knowledge sharing
- To explore ways in which the HR committee can provide an opportunity for the HR Heads to familiarise themselves with French Language & laws.  
Sumeet Anand:
- He introduced IFCCI and IFCCI Sector Committees and how members can share, learn and grow with the help of HR Committee
- There is an interest from other committees to interact with the HR Committee such as the Higher Education Committee, CFO Committee, Start-up Committee etc.
- This is a platform through which French and Indian companies can manage the talent and together can present issues to French Embassy/Government such as minimum criteria to hire French National interns or can have discussion for VIE recruitments. 

Ankita Gupta, Vice Chairman:
- Looking forward to connecting better with HR of other Companies
- The committee can add value to members in terms of discussion HR issues and solutions
- Proposed that we have a face to face meeting, 4 times a year and in between meetings we should continue interaction via webinars, events, conference calls etc. This was supported by Seema.
Farhan Shahid:
- Looking forward to connect with IFCCI Higher Education committee
- Would like to receive updates on change in laws in France which are affecting Indian markets and HR fraternity
- Looking forward for knowledge sharing 
Priyanka Anand:
- Happy with this initiative of IFCCI, she is representing Clasis Law
- Like to help committee members with Knowledge sharing and assisting with a webinar POSH at workplace (Prevention of Sexual Harassment)

Suvarna Mishra:
-Through this committee she wants to gain more knowledge on Expats Management such as Contracts, registration with FRRO etc  
Anindita Ranjan: 
- Looking forward for networking and exploring new initiatives by the Committee 
Reena Ahuja:
- Looking forward for networking and exploring new initiatives by the Committee  
Banani Gupta (Attended on Behalf of Anyuta Dhir):
- Would be interested to know more about legal, taxation, contractual issues related to employees  
Priyanka Gupta:  
- She suggested for training centre, where members can avail training modules for employees or for themselves 
Debanshu Dutta:
- Last year he was member of IFCCI CSR committee  - Looking forward for networking and exploring new initiatives by the Committee 
Tilak Das:
- Looking forward for networking and exploring new initiatives by the Committee 
Nisha Gupta:
- Creating whatsapp group  
Sapna Verma: 
- Introduced Employment service Desk of IFCCI
- To engage with Higher Education committee
- Shared upcoming events like session on VIE in Delhi organised by Business France and an event on Diversity & Inclusion. Discussed about Speed Networking events with Alumni from Top French schools. 
Maud Le Bars:
- Looking forward to connecting better with the corporate sector
- Organizes meet ups for Alumni
- Would be interested in finding opportunities for Alumni, both jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities 

Frequency of meetings:  
- Have 4 meetings in a year, i.e. one each quarter
- Organize workshops or trainings on topics shared by members
- Survey need to be circulated to know members’ interest on training topics 

1. Knowledge sharing and Best practice
2. Training on POSH at workplace (Prevention of Sexual Harassment)
3. Personal learning and Grooming sessions- French language and culture trainings
4. Cross harvesting- Networking opportunities with other IFCCI sector committees
5. Expat Management- educating members of regulations of Expats hiring, laws and taxability
6. Creating Whatsapp group    

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