Mumbai: At Cross Maidan Exhibition, A Feeling Of France

Cross Maidan in Churchgate got a curious new addition last week, right behind the large steel charkha that occupies the centre of the park. Signboards at the entrance advertise the maze of illuminated white hedges simply as The Experience — A Digital Journey With France. The words become self-explanatory the moment you walk in.

“This is what walking down a street in Paris it supposed to be like,” explains a volunteer at Bonjour India, a four-month multi-city festival organised by the Alliance Francaise in Mumbai. The exhibit was hosted at India Gate in Delhi before coming to Mumbai and will next travel to Kolkata for the book fair next month. It opened at Cross Maidan on December 15 and will stay until Tuesday.

“The idea was to conduct the exhibition in a public space where a bulk of the population feels comfortable walking in,” says Amritha Ballal, a founding partner at the Delhi-based architecture firm Space Matters, which designed The Experience.

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