Lectra Hosts India IATC Technology Day In Cestas, France

Lectra, the technological partner for companies using fabrics and leather from France, recently hosted an India International Advanced Technology Centre (IATC) technology day in Cestas – Bordeaux, France, for Indian customers. Dedicated to mass manufacturers and exporters, it focused on how exporters can use expert technology in product development. 

The technology day also optimised collaboration with “Connected Development” along with cutting demonstrations and presentation of Lectra’s cutting room and factory visit based on lean manufacturing. 

During this visit, in-depth presentations and demos were handled by Lectra’s experts. They presented on how connected development process enables companies to reunite the team members involved in product development like pattern makers, product developers, cost & margin specialist, and marker makers, to work on a common platform, sharing data in real-time for specific styles, products, and collections. 

Live demonstrations of Lectra’s fabric cutting room was also organised showcasing the new technologies in cutting room which Lectra will be revealing in the next few months. They presented how Lectra’s fabric cutting solutions can help fashion and apparel manufacturers to transform their production using Industry 4.0 principles and technology. 

Lectra’s support services were also presented. The role of local call centre at Bangalore, centralised zone-wise (time sharing) call centre, and the service team located at Bordeaux, France is to provide efficient and very quick response-time support services to customers. 

The event concluded with a walk through of Lectra’s manufacturing facility tour where customers discovered how Lectra’s cutting solutions are manufactured and tested in a Lean environment. During manufacturing process, various KPI’s (key performance indicators) are monitored, reviewed and addressed to produce Lectra’s innovative fabric and leather cutting solutions. 

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