France Calls For New Global Coalition Of 'Goodwill Powers', India Included

Cambridge (US): France's leaders proposed a new alliance of "goodwill powers" in an attempt to revive the type of global diplomacy that they say is being jeopardised by the United States, Russia and other countries that favour unilateralism over cooperation.

French Foreign Affairs Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian announced the plan during a speech at Harvard University Friday, suggesting that Europe should align itself with countries like India, Australia, Mexico and other "powerful democracies" that share a commitment to multilateralism.

His speech described an erosion of the brand of diplomacy that brought nations together following World War II and led to the creation of the United Nations, saying some countries now resort to disinformation and intimidation to pursue their own interests.

Speaking through an interpreter, he told The Associated Press that he believes the United States "methodically and regularly jeopardizes the fundamentals of multilateralism" through its approach to the UN, trade deals and other international agreements.

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