Dassault Systemes Helping Indian Firms Create Experiences Beyond Products

Indian enterprises have realised the importance of selling experiences, not just products, and global 3D experience major Dassault Systemes is now delivering Artificial Intelligence (AI)-infused Cloud-based solutions to help them achieve that, the company's Vice Chairman and CEO Bernard Charles has said.

The France-based software behemoth, which has a significant presence in India, is ecstatic to know that its business experience platform "3DEXPERIENCE" has taken wing in the country among enterprises and start-ups in fields ranging from aerospace to automobile and transportation to manufacturing.

"I am impressed by the growing number of our customers in India who have understood the importance of our 3DEXPERIENCE platform. It echoes our view that we are now living in a world of experiences and not just products.It is a new world and we are ready," Charles told IANS in a free-wheeling interview.

"You just do not sell a truck anymore but the whole connected transportation and logistics services, empowering the people who are behind the wheels and the after-sales experiences -- meaning a whole end-to-end ecosystem. "For this, you need better simulation and design planning which the AI-driven 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides," Charles emphasised.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform offers end-to-end engineering, manufacturing and business capabilities to enable SMEs to generate efficiency, cost-effectiveness and reductions in accumulated waste by harnessing the data essential to the operation of their enterprise.

Dassault Systemes has a full-fledged research and development centre in Pune which is contributing in a big way in guiding the company.

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