Mr. Matthieu LEBEURRE, Partner & Managing Director, TNP International

‘France and India: Charting a Course for a Better Future’


The year 2047 holds immense significance to France and India. France celebrates a century of diplomatic ties with the largest democracy in the world, while India recognises the centenary of its independence. This joint milestone is a chance to fortify the "extended Strategic Partnership" that the Horizon 2047 strategy envisions.

This collaboration extends beyond ties to trade and defence. It recognises the interrelated problems that our world faces, from resource scarcity and climate change to technological breakthroughs and the shifting global environment. Collaboration on these fronts is not just beneficial, it's essential for a sustainable and prosperous tomorrow.

Shared Focus on Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are advocated by both France and India. India's aspirational clean energy targets combined with France's renewable technology leadership provide a perfect foundation for cooperation on wind energy, solar energy, and other cutting-edge sustainable energy solutions. Huge potential can also be unlocked by teamwork in sectors like smart cities, sustainable infrastructure, and waste management. A great example is the partnership between the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) and the French Development Agency (AFD) to support India's CITIIS 2.0 program, which is focused on urban sustainability and integrated solid waste management.

Technological Innovation: A Catalyst for Progress

Innovations in technology are changing and transforming every facet of our lives. Research and development in areas like cybersecurity, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence could benefit from France and India's partnership. By encouraging talent mobility and knowledge exchange, both countries can guarantee responsible innovation that advances society.

This is further exemplified when the two countries renewed the MoU on digital technology between the MeitY and the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty of the French Republic during the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Paris on July 14th, 2023. Key digital areas of focus include digital public infrastructure, cybersecurity, startups, AI, supercomputing, 5G/6G telecommunications, and the development of digital skills.

Increasing maritime cooperation

The Indo-Pacific region is a critical hub for global trade and security. By pooling their maritime resources, France and India can jointly contribute to the upkeep of a free, open, and inclusive IndoPacific region. Joint naval exercises, maritime domain awareness initiatives, and collaboration in shipbuilding and blue technology can further solidify this strategic partnership.

The Road to 2047 is a Shared Journey

The India-France alliance is based on mutual respect, common values, and a strong cultural interchange, which goes beyond these domains. This deep-rooted connection will continue to be the driving force behind this strategic alliance.

At TNP, we are convinced that India and France will be able to navigate the opportunities and challenges of the world as we move closer to 2047. As a multi-sectorial consulting firm, whose motto is “Harness the Unpredictable”, we truly believe that by leveraging their complementary capabilities and developing more extensive alliances across other industries, Indo-French expanded partnership has the potential to serve as an example of global collaboration in a multipolar world.

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