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Market Entry to France

The Indo-French Chamber of Commerce & Industry (IFCCI) in Hyderabad successfully hosted a workshop titled "Market Entry to France" on Tuesday, June 20

The event took place at the World Trade Center Shamshabad - India and aimed to provide the participants with valuable insights into entering the French market. TNP Consultants, the knowledge partner of IFCCI, collaborated in organizing the workshop.

To set the context for the session, Mr. Priyank Prakash, the Senior Manager of Events & Membership (TS, AP & KA Regions) at IFCCI, began the workshop with an overview of IFCCI and set the context for the session. This was followed by introductions of the expert speakers who shared their knowledge on various aspects of entering the #Frenchmarket.

The speakers included Mr. Matthieu Lebeurre, Partner at TNP | Industry, Data Science & Analytics, TNP India; Mr. Guillaume Kerbrat, Associate Director of Automotive & New Mobility at TNP Consultants France; and Mr. Arun Sadheesh, Associate Partner & Country Director at TNP India.

During his presentation, Mr. Lebeurre focused on the various business opportunities available in sectors such as IT, Technology, Defence, Aerospace, Agri, etc., and the #supplychain for perishable goods in France. He provided valuable insights into the French business market landscape and its potential for Indian SMEs, MSMEs, and startups interested in expanding their operations to France. Mr. Kerbrat, on the other hand, highlighted the opportunities in the #mobilitysector in France, specifically addressing Indian companies.

The workshop attracted a diverse audience of over 75+ business professionals representing various industries. The session concluded with an interactive Q&A segment, during which participants expressed their curiosity about the opportunities and the ways in which to prepare on the business front before investing in France.

Overall, the workshop on "Market Entry to France" organized by IFCCI in Hyderabad proved to be an informative and engaging event, providing attendees with valuable insights into the potential business prospects and synergies between India and France.

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