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IFCCI Webinar on "Using Data Eco-Systems to Gain an Unbeatable Business Competitive Edge"

IFCCI in partnership with Capgemini launched an insightful report on "Using Data Eco-Systems to Gain an Unbeatable Business Competitive Edge'

The Indo-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IFCCI) in partnership with one of the biggest think tanks, Capgemini Research Institute launched an insightful report on how businesses can benefit using Data on 27th July 2021.

The webinar on “Using Data Eco-Systems to Gain an Unbeatable Business Competitive Edge” had discussions around how the traditional way of data is getting expanded and the lines between people sharing data and consuming data are becoming blurred. Today, creating new data in business had evolved and the importance of data ecosystems and the need for it.

Mr. Priyank Prakash, Senior Manager - Events & Membership (IFCCI ) introduced and welcomed the speakers and the participants and helped navigate the entire event.

This was followed by the opening remarks by Mr. Clifton Menezes, India Head of Group Portfolio, Capgemini, who also is the running chairman of the IFCCI Technology committee for the second year in a row. The committee's objective is to assist and work in close collaboration with IFCCI’s other sector committees.

He shared his insights on how the uncertainty caused in 2020 will stay with us for years to come, but disruption comes with enormous opportunities. On average data-driven enterprises generate more than 30 % growth per year. Data has a key role in helping organisations lead the way into new markets and transforming the operational landscape.

Following the opening remark the CRI Report: Key Research Findings was shared by Ms. Padmashree Shagrithaya, Vice President, Analytics & Artificial Intelligence – India, Capgemini. Being Passionate about Data Ecosystems and how organisations can go towards benefiting from it introducing the concept of Data Eco-system and how it drives value across sectors elaborating on the road map towards building a sustained advantage along understanding with key questions to answer at different stages followed by the research methodology and the key findings.

To download the complete report – https://www.capgemini.com/in-en/research/data-sharing-masters/

Finally, the Guest Speaker: Ms. Rama Vedashree, CEO of Data Security Council of India (DSCI) shared her thoughts on the “likely way forward for personal and non-personal data regulations in India”. She indicated that for a good conceptualisation of the data ecosystem, it is important to have a robust data governance framework and while there are many positive use cases in how data sharing can help, it is necessary to have data innovation and collaboration partnering at a company level, sectoral level and government level as well as incentivise utilizing the data for both public and private sector. It is important to look at the expectations and what are the use cases for data sets.

Concluding remarks were shared by Mr. Priyank Prakash followed by an interactive Question and Answer Session by the participants.

We extend a sincere thanks to Capgemini and DSCI for their support in this webinar.

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