Mumbai : 1st Healthcare Committee Meeting in association with SKP Group

IFCCI Healthcare Committee was pleased to conduct its 1st Healthcare Committee Meeting in association with SKP Group in the presence of our Heathcare Committee Vice-Chairman and CEO of Serdia Pharmaceutical,  Dr. Georges Jabre on Monday, 26th March 2018 at SKP Office in Mumbai. 

Points discussed:

  • The meeting began with the objective of creating the committee and a round of introduction from each member who joined the meeting
  • The discussion was based on building a project to increase new memberships for the committee and IFCCI
  • Focus on the public and private hospitals and get their feedback to understand how we can possibly collaborate with them to build awareness to the mass crowd.
  • Visit research and development laboratories
  • Guide on the regulations for medical equipments, medications, etc.
  • Have more knowledge sharing exchanges for members to benefit from each other
  • Currently 75% APIs are produced in China, and to find if there is a way to compete with them
  • Create a publication with reliable data to produce for advocacy purposes (if any)
  • APIs for environmental clearances, medical devices, research and development, etc.
  • Create an Indian manufacturing base of medical companies to connect with France
  • Have conferences with hospitals, organizations, etc. to create an awareness on certain topics
  • Have a communication tool to share small blurbs on certain topics e.g.: on World AIDS Day, World Diabetes Day, etc.
  • Check on delegations coming to India having a specific interest in the medical industry
  • Partner with other committees to build awareness on certain topics and understand each company’s expertise

The main objective was to spread awareness and invite the Guest speakers for our committee meetings while partnering with other committees.  

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