French President Emmanuel Macron Emerges As A Global Leader With Deft Handling Of Global Crises

The G-7 summit has clearly established that Macron is emerging as the global leader amid US-China trade war, growing US-Europe rift, Brexit, Iran crisis and challenges from terrorism.

From being India’s most effective strategic partner in the West to negotiating resolution for Iran crisis and managing global economy French President Emmanuel Macron is displaying traits of a global leadership qualities marked by deft negotiating skills.

The G-7 summit in Biarritz and earlier Indo-French summit in Paris have clearly established that Macron is emerging as the global leader amid US-China trade war, growing US-Europe rift, Brexit, Iran crisis, environmental disasters, China’s ambitions and challenges from terrorism. And Prime Minister Narendra Modi Macron has found a suitable ally as each will stand with other to handle variety of crisis.

Like Modi Macron believes in personal chemistry and equations and feels that individual skills play a part in arriving at solutions and improving bilateral relations, sources familiar with the French President’s style told ET. The two leaders have near identical focus on improving governance across sectors from digitisation to climate change to terror to Indo-Pacific stability.

While in the G-7 Summit Macron was focussed on address growing global inequality, he stated on Tuesday that the market economy has become too finance-driven, creating inequalities “that are shaking up our political order.” He called for a global “rethink” a day after holding talks with the global leaders in the Atlantic resort city.

In a speech on Tuesday here, Macron said “we are living the end of Western hegemony” in the world, in part as a result of Western “errors” over past centuries. Macron spoke the day after hosting an intense G-7summit clouded by concerns about U.S. tradepolicies and tensions with China and an economic slowdown. The G-7 ended with a call for “fair” and “open” trade but no mention of currencies or fiscal stimulus.

The French President is willing to take risks and he will go down in history if his efforts for a new deal on Iran succeed a major global flashpoint. He has shown that he is willing to play role of negotiator and way he handled US President Donald Trump signalled his deft political skills.

Trump on Sunday praised Macron who had done a "fantastic job" at the G7. "This was a very special, a very unified two and a half days, and I want to thank you," Trump told his host.

Source : The Economic Times

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