-Mr. Meraj Khan, Chairman, Gravity Global

1. Self and Company Introduction.

Gravity Global is an active investment group dedicated to supporting technologies that solve problems and chart a path toward a brighter future for humanity. We actively assist emerging startups and established businesses, transforming world-changing dreams into reality. Through our extensive network of industry partners, we provide invaluable support, combining strategic guidance and expertise to establish enduring, forward-thinking businesses powered by cutting-edge technology.

2: What business and investment opportunities do you see between India and France?

We envision exciting collaborations unfolding between India and France, particularly in the luxury and fashion sectors. Gravity Global is actively advancing this vision by establishing a hospitality venture in France exclusively for our private members' club. With a strong presence in India, we aim to serve as a Gateway to India, facilitating partnerships between French companies and the Indian market. Our focus extends to fashion, luxury, technology, and green energy industries.

3: What are some key challenges faced by your industry in India and your company? How have you addressed these challenges?

The most significant challenge in our industry, both in India and within our organization, pertains to recruiting and retaining skilled personnel, particularly in sales, luxury, and fashion. Additionally, ongoing workforce training and development present continuous challenges.

4: What are the biggest accomplishments of your company in recent years?

Gravity Global has celebrated several remarkable milestones over the past few years. Among these achievements, we take great pride in successfully launching India's most prestigious private members' club, delivering unparalleled experiences to our discerning clientele. Furthermore, we are excited to announce the impending launch of Starc, a global educational platform poised to revolutionize the education and technology landscape.

5: How has IFCCI added value to your organization in India?

The Indo-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IFCCI) has pivotally elevated our presence and operations in India. IFCCI has been instrumental in establishing connections between Gravity Global and esteemed French brands operating within India. These connections have opened exciting avenues for collaboration and business expansion, further solidifying our commitment to bridging the gap between the Indian and French markets.

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