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WEBINAR : Waste Management and Water Treatment in India

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IFCCI in association with MEDEF International is organising a webinar on Water Treatment and Waste Management in India on Tuesday, 10th November 2020.


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The objective of this webinar is to target French companies from this sector who are keen on exploring India as a prospective market to expand and/or develop their operations.

India has around 410 million urban dwellers and the urban population is expected to reach over 814 million by 2050. The subject of Water Treatment and Waste Management is crucial in India, and has led to several public investment projects, such as the Swachh Bharat mission, the Clean Ganga etc.. yet there are some serious obstacles to the implementation of an efficient model at the scale of the entire country, such as :

  • The sector is not well structured and the actors around it are not diversified enough, which decelerates technical innovations that are adapted to the context,
  • The involvement of the social/political dimension complicates that of the international funders whose framework of intervention is very strict,
  • Lastly the absence of a long-term efficient business model that is caused by different reasons.

Although the initiatives are multiplying, the water and waste sector still suffers from legal and financial vagueness faced by foreign investors. Our panel of experts from Trilegal and Rodl & Partner will shed light on the regulatory framework specific to water treatment and waste management and present the market. (market entry, taxation system, etc.) respectively. An exchange of experience will be shared by Suez on their approach for the Indian market.

Agenda of the webinar would be as follows (Timezone - CET):  

  • 9.00 am: Opening of the Webinar to the Participants
  • 9.05 - 9.10 am: Introduction by Mr. Paul HERMELIN, Chairman of the Business Council France-India of MEDEF International and Chairman of the Board at Capgemini
  • 9.10 - 9.15 am: Welcoming remarks by Mr. Sumeet ANAND, President at IFCCI and Founder & CEO at IndSight Growth Partners
  • 9.15 - 9.25 am: Intervention by a representative from the World Bank of the Asian Bank of Development
  • 9.25 - 9.35 am: Intervention by Mr. Christophe WARNIER,  Chief of Staff of Mrs. Ana GIROS, Senior Executive VP in charge of International and Industrial Key Accounts
  • 9.35 - 9.45 am: Intervention by Ms. Nayantara NAG, Partner at Trilegal on the regulatory framework and policy initiatives
  • 9.45 - 9.55 am: Intervention by Mr. Anand KHETAN, Partner & Head- Indirect Tax Services at Rodl & Partner
  • 9.55 - 10.25 am: Q&A session
  • 10.25 - 10.30 am: Conclusion by Mr. Paul HERMELIN, Chairman of the business council France-India of MEDEF International and Chairman of the Board at Capgemini

To confirm your participation, please register here:

The meeting link will be shared upon confirmation. For any queries, please write to


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