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The Indo-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chennai (IFCCI) organized the 2nd Edition of the Indo-French Sustainability Conclave on Wednesday, June 12 2024, at TAJ Wellington Mews, Chennai

The Indo-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chennai (IFCCI) organized the 2nd Edition of the Indo-French Sustainability Conclave.

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The Indo-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chennai (IFCCI) organized the 2nd Edition of the Indo-French Sustainability Conclave on Wednesday, 12 June 2024, at TAJ Wellington Mews, Chennai

Inauguration Ceremony: 

The ceremony marked the beginning of a day dedicated to exploring sustainable development initiatives and fostering Indo-French partnerships. Dr. T.R.B. Rajaa, Honourable Minister for Industries, Government of Tamil Nadu, Mrs Lise Talbot BARRÉ, Consul General of France in Pondicherry & Chennai, and Ms Payal S. Kanwar, Director General, IFCCI, inaugurated the event, emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices in business and policy.

Key Activities and Highlights:

Business-to-Government (B2G) Meeting:

The B2G meeting facilitated crucial discussions between policymakers and industry leaders. Key participants included Tmt Supriya Sahu, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary to Govt, Department of Environment, Climate Change & Forests, Government of Tamil Nadu, Mrs Lise Talbot BARRE, Consul General of France in Pondichery and Chennai and CXOs from key companies. The session focused on aligning government policies with sustainable development goals, enhancing collaboration between the public and private sectors, and fostering an enabling environment for sustainable business practices.

Climate Fresk Workshop:

Led by Mr Julien Banaszuk, Country Coordinator for India & Co-Founder & Director of High Environmental & Social Impact India, the Climate Fresk Workshop introduced a unique approach to raising awareness about climate change. Participants engaged with 42 scientifically backed cards derived from IPCC reports. This interactive session encouraged corporate participants to understand and discuss climate challenges in an enjoyable and collaborative manner.

Panel Discussions:

Panel Discussion 1: ESG as a business opportunity: Staying ahead of the curve, explored ESG as a strategic business opportunity, emphasizing that it's more than just ethics. By integrating sustainability, promoting inclusivity, and upholding strong governance, businesses not only drive positive change but also ensure long-term success in a dynamic world.
Speakers on this panel:
Ms Nirupa Shankar, Jt Managing Director, Brigade Group
Ms Usha Subramaniam, Country President, Grundfos India
Mr Harish Jayaram, Vice-President, Hygenco Green Energies
Mr Florent Chaussade, Executive Director, Michelin India
The discussion was expertly moderated by Mr Venkat N., Executive Vice President and Global Head, Corporate Real Estate Services, Capgemini
Panel discussion 2: on Circular Economy Metrics: Measuring Success Beyond Financial Returns, focused on discussions around challenges and opportunities in quantifying environmental and social impacts, emphasizing the importance of integrating these metrics into traditional financial reporting frameworks.

Speakers on this panel:

Mr Arvind Balaji, Managing Director, LUCAS TVS
Mr Amit Mahajan, DTI India - TL (R&D), Saint-Gobain India
Mr George Rajkumar, President-Sanmar Matrix Metals, The Sanmar Group
Ms Suganya Srinivasan, Associate Vice President, QHSES Head, Technip Energies, India
The discussion was expertly moderated by Mr Ramakrishnan Ramanathan, VP- Engg, Born Electric Vehicles, Renault Group

Indo-French Sustainability Quiz:

The quiz featured three rounds covering topics such as climate change, renewable energy, waste management, sustainability, biodiversity conservation, and water conservation. Mr Eswaramoorthy Ramasamy, Site Energy Performance Manager, Michelin India, emerged as the quiz champion, showcasing deep understanding and commitment to sustainability issues.

Indo-French Start-Up Recognition Awards:

The Start-Up Recognition Award Program celebrated startups making significant sustainable impacts in India. Over 30 companies participated, presenting their innovative solutions. Arc Robotics (Indore) was awarded the Winner, recognized for its pioneering efforts. Avris Environment Technologies LLP (Chennai) and Yali Aerospace (Tanjore) were honoured as Runners-Up, highlighting their contributions to environmental sustainability through technology and innovation.


The 2nd Edition of the Indo-French Sustainability Conclave convened over 110 delegates, representing 80 companies, policymakers, and industry experts. It served as a pivotal platform for sharing best practices, forging partnerships, and advancing sustainability agendas between India and France. The event underscored the commitment of stakeholders to collective action in addressing global environmental challenges and promoting sustainable development.

IFCCI extended sincere gratitude to all participants, sponsors, and speakers.

Special Thanks To:

  • Gold Sponsors : Hygenco Green Energies, Michelin India, Saint-Gobain India
  • Silver Sponsors: Precia Molen India, Technip Energies India


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