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PAN India: Webinar on How will Healthcare Survive to Serve and Grow in current times

IFCCI, in association with K&S Partners, organized a Webinar

IFCCI, in association with K&S Partners, organized a Webinar on How will Healthcare Survive to Serve and Grow in current times on Wednesday, 15th July 2020.

Ms. Payal S Kanwar, Director General, IFCCI opened the Session and welcomed the participants followed by Mr. Pavan Choudary, CEO and Managing Director, Vygon India Pvt. Ltd. welcoming the Panelists and setting the context for the Discussion. He talked about the bifurcation of the medical industry and the impact of COVID-19 on the industry.

Dr O.P. Yadava, CEO, National Heart Institute, New Delhi, urged the participants to adopt the new normal and encouraged them to accordingly align their goals and objectives. He further informed that tele-health is there to stay. Additionally, he pushed for translational research and collaboration between IT and Biotech firms.

Mr. Sanjay Srivastava, CEO, Mahindra World City, stated the importance of looking at long term plans and encouraged participants to take every challenge as an opportunity. He emphasized that cities need to be smart and sustainable at the same time to ensure better quality of life.

Mr. Anil Kumar, Managing Director, Air Liquide Medical Systems Pvt Ltd, discussed about the impact of COVID -19 on the healthcare industry and highlighted the supply chain disruptions that has led to forge new partnerships and innovate. He also underscored the need to be independent and self-reliant while chalking out business continuity plans.

Dr. Deepa K Tiku, Partner, K&S Partners, gave a global view of the existing scenario and talked about the challenges to healthcare, existing inadequacies, opportunities at hand and the status of health insurance. She informed the participants that the industry needs to be in sync with the world and act. Healthcare coupled with technology has the power to provide employment and increase the growth of the country. She also pushed for more reforms in the industry including a predictable regulatory and legal system which is balanced and less complex.

Ms. Aarthi Sivanandh, Partner, J Sagar Associates Advocates & Solicitors, highlighted the existing laws in India and talked about the different regulatory bodies in India. She also discussed the budgetary allocations done by the government for the health sector and pushed for more PPPs to ensure healthcare delivery to all.

All the panelists agreed that a holistic style of living is the need of the hour. They also highlighted the need to focus on innovation and increased use of technology in the healthcare sector. Better R&D facilities and strategic & geopolitical alignment of business, ease of doing business was also emphasized upon.

Dr. Deepa K Tiku in her concluding remarks, talked about the existing patent laws and the trend in the patent filings in India and around the world. She informed that Asia is emerging as the biggest patent filer in the world. She also applauded the efforts of French companies in India which have been consistently filing for more patents in India as well as appreciated the increased participation of Indian institutes in filing for more patents.

It was an enriching session with over 50 participants joining the Session and involved an interactive Q&A Session.

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