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IFCCI Mumbai - Communication Hacks for Customer Satisfaction and Employee Engagement

IFCCI organized a webinar on Communication Hacks for Customer Satisfaction and Employee Engagement on 19th June

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The Indo French Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mumbai (IFCCI) organized an informative webinar on Communication Hacks for Customer Satisfaction and Employee Engagement which was conducted by Mr. Antoni Lacinai, Workplace Communication Expert on 19th June.

The webinar commenced with Ms. Tracy Fernandes, Senior Manager - Events & Membership (WR), welcoming the participants and introducing the speaker of the session – Mr. Antoni Lacinai who is a renowned global speaker and expert in workplace communication, motivation, and engagement.

The webinar covered various ways to elevate customer service interactions and employee engagement into exceptional experiences. Mr. Lacinai didn't just discuss theory; he addressed real-world issues like employee engagement and burnout, guiding participants on utilizing emotional intelligence. Through insightful self-reflection questions, he encouraged us to view situations from our employees' perspectives.

We explored innovative communication hacks, with Mr. Lacinai sharing insights on transforming challenges into opportunities. His message was clear: empathy, clarity, and positive energy are the magic ingredients for smooth and effective communication within your organization and in turn build a greater customer relationship.

To end his presentation, Mr. Lacinai gave a very powerful message: "Be hard on problems, not on people." This statement highlights the importance of resolving issues collaboratively, focusing on teamwork and collective problem-solving.

The webinar concluded with a very interactive Q&A and was well appreciated by the attendees.

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