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FMCG in India: Understanding PLI Schemes & Compliances

IFCCI Consumer Goods and Services committee organized a session with ASA & CRA Associates in a hybrid format in Gurgaon on December 12, 2023.

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IFCCI’s Consumer Goods and Services committee organized a hybrid session on “FMCG in India: Understanding PLI Schemes & Compliances” at the ASA office in Gurgaon on December 12, 2023.

Ms. Aarushi Gautam, Manager - Committees & Events (North) at IFCCI, set the stage by welcoming all participants and provided a comprehensive overview of IFCCI and various committees and welcomed the speakers, Mr. Himanshu Srivastava, Director of Business Advisory Services, ASA, and Mr. Kapil Chopra, Managing Partner, CRA & Associates. 

The session commenced with opening remarks by Mr. Alamjit Singh Sekhon, Chairperson of IFCCI's Consumer Goods & Services Committee & General Manager South-East Asia, Fromageries Bel India. Mr. Sekhon, while highlighting the past initiatives of the Committee, outlined the Committee's commitment to fostering knowledge sharing and shared the Committee's vision for future endeavours in hosting similar sessions.

The session featured the presentations by seasoned practitioners, Mr. Himanshu Srivastava, who supplied an overview of the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) schemes, explaining the extant financial advantages and tax exemptions available to entities within the FMCG sector. His insightful presentation provided a nuanced understanding of the current landscape and highlighted strategic avenues for leveraging governmental incentives.

Following which, Mr. Kapil Chopra with his presentation addressed the substantial compliance requirements inherent in the FMCG industry. His explanation on the need for adherence to regulatory frameworks and legal requirements underscored the importance of a robust compliance infrastructure for industry players. The detailed analysis of the existing compliances contributed to a heightened awareness among participants, enabling them to navigate the regulatory landscape more effectively.

Collectively, the presentations by Mr. Srivastava and Mr. Chopra enriched the event, offering a holistic perspective on the regulatory landscape for FMCG businesses in India.

This was followed by a roundtable interaction with members.

Ms. Aarushi Gautam concluded the Session with expressing gratitude to the participants, committee leaders, speakers, and Annual Patron - CRA and Associates.

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