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Nagpur : IFCCI Defence & Aerospace Committee Meeting


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The committee was introduced by Ms. Payal Kanwar, Secretary General of IFCCI who gave an overview of the benefits to its members & the vision of the committee.

The President of IFCCI, Mr. Guillaume Girard Reydet gave the welcome note before the chairman of the committee, Mr. Stephane Lavigne set up the context of this meeting. He highlighted the urge to remain active within this committee in order to eventually strengthen the possibility of lobbying through this committee towards the Ministry of Defence to represent the interest of French and Indian companies operating in India in the field of aeronautics and defence.

The floor was then opened to each participant who had the opportunity to introduce them self and the company they represented before our knowledge partner and moderator for the session, Mr. Dhiraj Mathur from PWC gave a global overview of the Indian A&D Sector.

Points presented by PWC during the presentation:

  • Overview of Indian A&D Sector
  • Offsets
  • Policy change in the pipeline

Way forward...

Capt Vishal Kanwar, Director-PwC, A&D sector, gave a presentation on the current A&D market in India with respect to its growth potential, regulatory aspects, demand visibility in Army/Navy/Air Force, challenges being faced by the private and public companies, defence exports market and the importance of a strong A&D committee.  The committee was apprised of the Government push at reducing its import dependency in defence and the need to create a robust defence manufacturing ecosystem in the country. The members were also briefed on MoD policies in the offing – draft defence production policy and draft offset policy.

Points discussed by participants:

The presentation was followed by the role of French OEMs in creating the domestic ecosystem, round table discussions steered by PwC on opportunities for French companies in India.  Through means of technology transfer, joint ventures, partnerships and alliances, creating a supply chain etc.  In the last three years, France has been the third largest exporter of defence equipment to India, only after Russia and Israel, ahead of the US. 

Was also highlighted, the role the A&D committee can play in public advocacy, presenting position papers and sensitizing members on likely effect of policy changes on A&D industry. Members agreed and there was unanimity to strengthen the A&D committee of IFCCI.

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