-Mr. Pierre Perez, Managing Director, Servier India

Self and Company Introduction 

Pierre Perez is a Pharma Executive with over 30 years of experience in Europe, North and South Africa, and Near & Middle East countries.  Since October 2019 Pierre took over as the Managing Director of SERVIER INDIA (an affiliate of the SERVIER Group). Leading a team of 560+ collaborators, he is responsible for steering and developing all Servier’s activities including new products development, manufacturing, distribution, and promotion.

SERVIER, an international pharmaceutical group governed by a non-profit Foundation, operating in 150 countries, is committed to therapeutic progress to serve patient needs.

Founded to serve health, the Group aspires to make a meaningful social impact for patients and for a sustainable world.  With 100 million patients treated each day worldwide with our medicines in the fields of cardio-metabolism, venous disease, neurodegenerative diseases, and oncology, Servier is keenly aware of its responsibilities to patients and healthcare professionals, which are the motivating force to accelerate innovation in the service of health for today and tomorrow. 

What are the business and investment opportunities you see between India and France? 

Servier has been operating in India since 1986 (38 years). Our Mumbai-based operations prioritize the development and manufacturing of medicines, adhering to the highest quality standards. Trade and commerce between the two countries has been steadily expanding in various areas. For Servier, our positive image in India as a company with original research products and scientific and ethical promotion, offers opportunities for enhanced collaboration to further develop and expand our operations in the country.

What are some of the key challenges faced by your industry in the Indian market as well as by your company specifically? Can you describe some of the strategies you’ve implemented to overcome these challenges?

Health expenditure is primarily driven by out-of-pocket payment. With our strategy to ensure patient affordability and access to quality medication, we have managed to maintain a competitive price without compromising on the high quality of our products.

Compared to large field forces of other pharma companies (5000++), Servier India operating with a field force size of 500 collaborators, has managed to create a niche for itself, and an image with the HCPs of a company with original research products and scientific promotion.

Another growing issue is counterfeiting, and we are working with the relevant authorities and industry bodies to curb this challenge, to ensure patients get the authentic medicines of the highest quality.

What have been the biggest accomplishments of your company in the last few years?

Servier India has built a robust reputation as a company with original research products, scientific communication, and ethical promotion, allowing us to maintain a strong connect with HCPs.

With our strong Cardio- Metabolism and Veinous Disease portfolio, we ensure that more and more patients continue to benefit from our best-in-class solutions in India.

And with Oncology becoming a significant new therapeutic area and India ranking among the top three countries for cancer prevalence, our ambition is to become a renowned, focused, and innovative player in oncology, with the launch of our Oncology products starting from June 2024.

In addition, one of our milestone achievements is establishing Servier India as a potential new hub for developing, manufacturing, and exporting products to the rest of the Servier Group across the world. 

How has IFCCI added value to your organization in India?

IFCCI organises regular meetings for his members, providing insightful information about the economic and political developments in the country. Moreover, IFCCI has enabled connect with government bodies and business community, which allows for exchanges of information and opportunities to put forth relevant facts to these bodies that in turn enables better understanding on both sides and creates opportunities for development and investment.

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